Friday, February 8, 2013

Sustainable Gamers

Some of you know I have started a weekly audio show (podcast) with Matthew Stockton. This podcast is not about Fine Art per se, it is an audio show that discusses all things related to being sustainable and playing games (especially video games). Having said that their is a fair amount of philosophical and aesthetic discussion on each episode. It all started very naturally by speaking together at lunchtime, I found our mature content of our conversations and critiques to be better than many audio shows I listen to. I like that this is a window into this world of popular culture and the world in general.

Many have asked why I did not start a weekly Fine Art audio show. To me Fine Art is a timeless thing, it does not need to be up to speed on the latest trends or fashion. I have plans to do audio discussions on Fine Art, but I do not foresee anything that will be on a weekly or very regular basis.

To also clarify, I will be, as always continue a Fine Artistic practice. This is simply just an addition to me.

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