Friday, February 28, 2014

Fine Artist of the Month: Linked letters for Willem de Kooning

Each month I am adding to an on-going series of writings and works about Fine Artists who work(ed), or are primarily working in the NYC area. This month I made a hyper linked latin characters for former NYC area Fine Artist, Willem de Kooning

  fefwejjyjyjyjfefeeeeeeeeeoeeeefghijeeeererweeeeeoeeeeeo      orerr
okk              kuukukkyjkffcvef                   abc                               yyuiiii
 ehtjkr                                             jjomyuolo                                     rrryreyegwefhho
   ggeyjukukukgffffffffwrrfffffftttttfffffffff                        yyoytoyyyyyjjjku
egkukumnukyermtybqwomdxzio                                       ttywret
  ywweetgeomeg             effgggmggmgggmgnnggngg                            sadadasfbacetg
htm                                      thtednuuhregdrcxsdvv                        tadadasfbacetg
hthhjjjjjjwhhtttjjwqjjjjj                              uuuttyuii                     uadadasfbacetg
 gggggwrgogooggooogowrwgggogo                       tuuuu                  vadadasfbacetg
 ombzopuy                                                                         yneb
   goemomommmmmmeemommmtewttttotmm                       ny
   yjyjmyojovwxyz                                                                        o
jpoibittiiviiimiiinviiuiiimiiyuuuo                                                               ukukurughrto
         yko j                                                                         yjyjyjyooggsrtrghthsbfsregrhfh
p         uuko                                                               jklmnop
     defghi                                                               qrstu

Friday, February 21, 2014

Plan/Nets: a new series of digital drawings

I have begun a new series of digital drawings that are quite different than previous digital drawings I have made in the past. These drawings have a different process and different aesthetic merits than previous drawings. There is a more fantasy/illustration aspect to them than any of my other work, though they never quite get to a "realistic" place.

I am figuring out a way to show these creations, since I don't believe that they have the same "life" as my other digital drawings.

You can hear more about these new drawings on my podcast Holistic For Play via iTunes or Stitcher Radio: or old school RSS:

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Work in progress: new Corner-rings work

As stated on a recent Holistic For Play podcast (episode 2) I have started a new production from the Corner-rings series. I am very curious about the lighting/shadow effect, it should inform the painting on the plank in a much different way than the past Corner-rings works.