Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all. Click on the image to see it larger. Please note: As always, due to the process and thinking in my creation of this: I consider this Graphic Design, not Fine Art; hence the color.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fine Artist of the Month: Linked phrases in many languages for Liam Gillick

Each month I am adding to an on-going series of writings and works about Fine Artists who work(ed), or are primarily working in the NYC area. This month I produced linked phrases/idioms in many languages for NYC Fine Artist, Liam Gillick.

Mae'r byd yn fach! De onde você é? 누워서 떡먹기.
Скажи 'изюм!' ตอนเซเว่นปิด. 讓世界停下我要下車!
Missä on vessa? З'їхав з глузду. ¿Cuánto cuesta?
ከኔ ጋር መደነስ ትፈልጋለህ።  য়!  أقف! حريق! اإلحقني!
Είσοδος, Εξοδος. Vietato Fumare. ཧ་གོ་མ་སོང་།.
Ukwazi ukukuthi futhi na?  Otevřeno, Zavřeno.
Je suis enchanté. კეთილ მგზავრობას გისურვებთ.
Не съм те виждал много време. Pardonu!
Stół z powyłamywanymi nogami. Škof v škaf skoči.
Pitumpú't pitóng putíng patíng. Bagai pungguk merindukan bulan.
ಹುಛುಛಗಿ ಪಲೆ ಬರ್ಥ ಎದೆ Zer moduz? Låt bli mig! Ej rör mig!
هاورکرافت من پر مارماهى است ᑎᑎᕋᖅᑑᓗᐊᖅᐱᐅᒃ?
Fa'amolemole.  Nighty night.  Wanawake Wanaume.
પોલીશ ને બોલાવો  Vorbàis Gott! ເຈົ້າປາກພາສາລາວໄດ້ບໍ່?
Buen prubechu.  Selamat Tahun Baru. तोहार का नाम ह?
Maopopo iaʻuʻole Quomodo dicas?

If some of the fonts are not displaying properly, for best results please use a current PC computer (not Mac) or install the fonts based on the languages given in the links.

For information and documentation of Liam Gillick's work please go to his website.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quotes - Fine Art. Part 2

I posted a collection of quotes over the summer. Since I got such a great response, I decided to post more that have been kicking around and gathered.

“Good art should elicit a response of 'Huh? Wow!' as opposed to 'Wow! Huh?'” 

“Every time I have had a problem, I have confronted it with the ax of art.” 

“Young artists of today need no longer say, “I am a painter” or “a poet” or “a dancer.” They are simply “artists.” All of life will be open to them.” 

“We invite everyone to question the entire culture we take for granted.” 

“Only the man who says no is free” 
“The mental space left by the reduction of our needs is taken up by those talents – artistic, poetic and scientific – which multiply and take deep root. They become the true needs of society. They spring from a necessity to produce and not from a necessity to consume.” 

“The word 'art' interests me very much. If it comes from Sanskrit, as I've heard, it signifies 'making.” 

“Everything is expressed through relationships.” 

“If you look at the size of the art world in terms of the money that is being transacted compared to other parts of the 'consciousness industry,' it is minuscule. But if you look at what happens in this small sector, how it rubs off on the rest of it, it is astonishing.”  

“What gets an artist out of bed is the possibility of actually making something with infinite meaning.” 

“Theory is when you have ideas; ideology is when ideas have you.” 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

One year anniversary for website/blog: Unlimited digital drawings this week

Again, I am giving away an unlimited batch of unique, digital drawings. This give-a-way will last for one week only (through next Sunday, November , 2011)

Do you have questions about the drawings? Why would I give away a work of Fine Art that I truly believe in? Read here.

For those who already have a small drawing, you are entitled to upgrade your participation in the project: Now you will receive a large digital drawing... and those who already own a large digital drawing, are entitled to a small or large drawing.

I have received many questions about the content (and the scope of context) for these drawings. I have a long held interest in the difference and similarities between maps and landmarks, in both a very abstract sense and a literal sense. I also have an interest in the speed and dynamics of how the drawings are delivered and the speed in which they are delivered through the internet and through the postal mail service. I  believe that the above listed interests are reflected in my digital drawings  The key to the drawings is is that they are unique, and are expressing multiple aesthetic sensibilities.

How do I get in on the drawing give-a-way? Email me here, and please include your name and postal address (for officiating certificate). As stated in an earlier post: I will NEVER sell, lend, trade, share, give out any information sent to me.