Detail of GatheRings, 2010

This series evolved through drawings I began in 2001 and the Parallel Panels series. Dealing with architectural corners (where a wall meets a wall) was an artistic problem that I took much time to fully address. The title of the series represents the way the shadow can create an angled shape and the angled line on the panel creates a continuum of light/shadow. The paint is applied in various ways which include dripping, spraying, brushing, etc...

There are many layers, levels, elements, concepts, percepts, etc... for each work that are not stated here or documented in the photographed work below. 

Here are some selections from this body of work: 

GatheRings, 2010
Household paint** on wood planks*

CorneRings, 2009
Household paint** on wood planks*


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