Saturday, December 31, 2011

The 4 Month Suite - a collaboration

This past week I gave away a new series of printed canvases created from digital drawings, which was a collaborative work between my son and myself. This collaboration between Father and Son grew out of digital drawing  experiments done with, my son, Javier in the first few months of his life. Because of the nature of the collaboration, I suspended the "no print" aspect of my work.Work started in the beginning of November 2011, a few weeks before his 4th month of existence; which is also around the same time, by chance, of surrealist artist Roberto Matta’s birthday. As a numbers play, there were 4 drawings made.
The idea was to set up a system of creating drawings, and to use a specific method for Javier to create the work. The singular guideline was to use a Modernist palate and primary colors (Red, Blue, Yellow). Through the process, I learned  from Javier how the digital drawing software on the tablet could be manipulated. For example, If you pressed on two areas of the tablet almost simultaneously you could create lines without moving your finger across the area. To me this was a fascinating discovery in a conceptual sense, and within the larger scope of my work.

Javier would switch out of digital brushes and I would allow this chance happening. He would change the size of brushes, and I would let this go. The main element was that the colors and the size of the given area would be fixed. I hope to do many further collaborations with Javier. I can imagine him teaching me much more about Art and its production.

For more information or documentation please email here.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Favorite Artists of 20th and 21st century (so far)

I have had a number of conversations recently regarding my favorite Artists (notice I did not say Fine Artists). Here are some of these Artists/Creative entities/Creative groups of the musical, performance, visual, and beyond flavors of the 20th and 21st century which I have been influenced by. Like I have said time and time again, I am influenced by these artists, but I have no interest in following their paths, replicating their work, and/or ideas. I am excluding people/entities from my links section (who are obviously included). It seems I tend to like artists that evolve over time, ones who reject style/brand, and/or are interdisciplinary (without sacrificing quality). These Artists are in no participial order or hierarchy.

Flying Lotus Glenn Gould Sonny Kay Shawn Lobb Agnes Martin Marina Rosenfeld Marcel Duchamp Blake Rayne Gravity Lygia Clark Hans Haacke Mike Kelley Hélio Oiticica Spring Heel Jack Julie Ault Lygia Pape Bruce Nauman Robert Bringhurst Cildo Meireles Dischord Gordon Matta-Clark Vito Acconci Jesús Rafael Soto Sylvia Plimack Mangold Doug Wheeler Jan Zwicky DeWain Valentine Fluxus Sia Furler MaxYawney Jonathan Lasker Fred Sandback Eva Hesse Peter Halley Michael Asher Aphex Twin Yayoi Kusama Underworld Ray Johnson Piet Mondrian Robert Irwin Piero Manzoni Chris Burden Dan Flavin Maria Nordman Tony Bechara Kenneth Noland Craig Kauffman Peter Alexander Jim Henson Bricks Avalon Sol LeWitt Alice Becker-Ho Robert Barry Mel Bochner Mary Corse Rafael Bogarin John Cage Dorothea Rockburne Hans Hofmann Janet Cardiff Al Held Sam Francis Kevin Clash Michael Lark A Tribe Called Quest John Chamberlain Gerhard Richter Josef Albers Wooster Group Allan Kaprow Anni Albers Dan Graham Midnight Movies Craig Bonich Christopher McQuarrie Tetsuya Mizuguchi Guy Debord Anna Barranca Marz One Keita Takahashi Robert Ryman Richard Tuttle David Hammons Mark Wallinger José Damasceno Jason Pierce Tom Middleton Itsuko Hasegawa  Katie Nisa Richey Edwards Keith Sonnier Alan Moore Naoyuki Tomomatsu Yoshihiro Nishimura Associated Artists for Propaganda Research Melinda Gebbie James Dean Bradfield Nicky Wire Judy Dunaway Willoughby Sharp Krzysztof Kieślowski Situationist International Steve Reich Emily Dickinson Dean Motter Todd Miller John Coltrane Nicholas Wheelwright Ed "Johnson" Shepard Rhett Mataix Joan La Barbara David Mazzucchelli Buckminster Fuller EPMD Anne Tardos Terry Riley Bill Evans Beth Gibbons John Cage etc...

Ps. Happy Yule to all those celebrating!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fine Artist of the Month: Graphic for Jacqueline Humphries

Each month I am adding to an on-going series of writings and works about Fine Artists who work(ed), or are primarily working in the NYC area. This month I produced a graphic for NYC Fine Artist, Jacqueline Humphries.

For information and documentation of Jacqueline Humphries' work please go to her website.

She is also included in this recent book on abstract painting, and also this book on current painting.

Please note: As always, due to the process and thinking in my creation of this: I consider this Graphic Design, not Fine Art; hence the color.  

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free digital drawing to the first 4 people who contact me

You may have noticed something different in the numbers here, keep watching.
That's right, I am giving away another batch of small, unique, digital drawings.

Do you have questions about the drawings? Why would I give away a work of Fine Art that I truly believe in? Read here.

For those who already have a small drawing, you are entitled to upgrade your participation in the project: Now you will receive a large digital drawing.

Here is a recent quote about the drawing series:
"This is rad!" -Josh Berezin

So how do you get in on all this action? Just email me here, and please include your name and postal address. As stated in an earlier post: I will NEVER sell, lend, trade, give out any information sent to me.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Parallel Panels, the limits of landmarks (3D) and maps (2D)

I have received a few questions about the intent and extent of the Parallel Panels series/body of work (and its history). I have created a linked list to answer these questions:

The middle area between concepts and percepts

Refusing the conservative tropes of minimalism, and/or conceptualism

The rhizome between landmarks and maps

Separate planes and separate experiences, gathered together

A hierarchy only created by our bodies and minds

There is no point of origin, only continuum

It is both navigation and point of reference

The lowest technological teleportation system ever

The extremes and moderates in place(s)

To question the limits of human perception and conception

The subtext, context, and beyond context in no text.

Maintaining movement in various dimensions

In sequences, never series.