Parallel Panels

Detail (4 of 6 panels) of Oblivioned, 2002

The Parallel Panels series evolves out of my work, Future Concerns of Relative Space, setting up an installation experience and system which allows for the creation of my own sub-context (what happens inside the painting). Each painting is highly influenced by 20th and 21st century American west coast abstract painting as well as east coast abstract painting.

At first the series started out with 6 perfectly square panels (1 floor, 1 ceiling, 4 walls) all parallel across from their respective X, Y, Z coordinates/axises. As the series evolved, I started taking away the floor and ceiling panels, so they would just correspond to the walls (4 panels only). Recently I started using rectangular planks (not perfect squares) in this body of work.

There are many layers, levels, elements, concepts, percepts, etc... for each work that are not stated here or documented in the photographed work below. 

The Corner-rings series is an extension and evolution of this series.

Here are some selections from this body of work:

Triple Middle Line, 2009 {detail, one of 4 wood planks}
Oil Paint***** on wood planks*.

Circum-Portal, 2002-2003 {detail, 4 of 6 panels}
Household paint** on wood panels*

Oblivioned, 2002 {detail, 3 of 6 panels}
Household paint*** on wood panels*
(this photographic image features great human: Brian Higbee)


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