2009 - Charging batteries via solar panel for “Offer...” installation.

Please note the text below (and all text on this site for that matter) is not a final goal or answer to my work. Please consider it a start and extension with the experience and dialogue with my work.

My concerns in installation artwork have always been very systems based. How systems can be scalable, fragmented, and sustained. I have become increasingly interested in how we perceive and conceive systems. I am interested in how systems can directly deal with context, sub-context, and beyond context. I am very interested in how a system can expand infinitely and/or collapse to a finite point. When working and showing in a studio, gallery, museum context, my first concerns are architectural. I was profoundly moved and influenced by the California Light and Space movement, and the work produced before and after it. I am very much interested in high  Conceptual art. Along with these two movements, I have been influenced by a number of different artists and movements, but I do not wish to reiterate their work. I am interested in how systems can transfer energies, phenomena and ideas across space and time, to create a continuum. I am interested in many other things not stated here. Presently I am very focused on how light can be like paint, and paint can be like light. Over the past few years my work has become increasingly smaller in exact physical space, while it has grown more scalable when it is installed (with the possibility of it expanding into larger space).

I live in Brooklyn, New York, U.S. of A, Earth. I have lived on this sandbar/island my entire life.

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