Jumping into Não Fontes, 2006-2008 (image taken Spring 2010)

The work here are one-off based installations, and other work that are not series based. Drawings can also be found here.

There are many layers, levels, elements, concepts, percepts, etc... for each work that are not stated here or documented in the photographed work below.  

Here are some selections from this body of work:

Future Concerns of Relative Space, 1999-2001
Drawing on graph paper for the installation
(The installation has been shown many times, this drawing was made for the CUANDO 2001 group show, Willoughby Sharp gallery/room in NYC)

Não Fontes, 2006-2008 (video taken from inside installation, June 2010)
A circular empty fountain which creates a sound phenomena (reverberation) when standing in the center of it (this video features great humans: Brian Higbee, Vandana Jain, Mike Estabrook, Carmen Hay Kolodzey, Rachael Berezin)

Uncollapsed, 2001 {inspiration for Corner-rings }
Pencil on bond paper
(Please note: this is the first artwork I made after after September 11, 2001, it was shown in the NYC TakeHeart group show, Willoughby Sharp gallery/room)


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