An alphabetical ordered list of websites I frequent, which are (Fine) Art related, they include: friends, artists, entities, etc...

Please note: I do not endorse or condemn the presentations below, I have been exposed and have fully experienced what they represent in various ways, I like them, some of them I love, just not all of the ways they are presented. I believe they are extremely worthy of being listed regardless of my own personal views (of how they are shown to the world).

ABC No Rio - The NYC DIY Fine Art, Music, Creative collective/entity, etc...

Ad Reinhardt Foundation - The late New York Fine Artist's foundation

Art Codex - Brooklyn Fine Art collective

Brian Higbee - New York Fine Artist

Bricks Avalon - Message therapist and creativity advocate

Brooker Hollow - Knit Design/Fine Art by Kiersten Greene 

Carlos Cruz-Díez - Venezuelan Fine Artist

Carmen Hay Kolodzey - NYC Fine Artist

Catalyst SDR - Strategic/sustainable creative publication of my graduate school

Christopher X J. Jensen - NYC Scientist and creativity advocate.

Flatbush Artists - An organization promoting Fine Arts in Flatbush, Brooklyn

Futura 2000 - NYC Fine artist

Glen Eden Einbinder- Brooklyn Fine Artist
glen einbinder

Hannah Mishin - Brooklyn Fine Artist

Jason Farrell Design - Los Angeles Designer and Fine Artist

John Fekner - Brooklyn Fine Artist

John Miller - NYC/Berlin Fine Artist

Judith Murray - NYC Fine Artist

KDM67 - A clothing co. in honor of late NY Fine Artist, Marc J. Carranza

Leonardo Drew - San Antonio/Brooklyn Fine Artist

Liam Gillick - NYC Fine Artist

Matta: Art Gallery - A fan made website for the late Chile Fine Artist

Mike Estabrook - Brooklyn Fine Artist

Mowry Baden - British Columbia Fine Artist

Paul Pagk - NYC Fine Artist 

PLG Arts - A local organization promoting Brooklyn Arts (Fine, Music, etc...) 

Pratt: Design Management - Where I went for graduate school. - design_management - Thorough, scalable, systemic change

Robert Yasuda - NYC Fine Artist

Sally Bozzuto - NYC Fine Artist and Composer

Sam McPheeters - California Fine Artist, Musician and Journalist

Tomato - British founded Art and Design collective

Vandana Jain - Brooklyn Fine Artist and Designer
vandana jain

Zero Foundation - The legendary German Fine Art movement/collective