Sunday, December 26, 2010

Still giving... did you get one yet?

The holiday give away of unique, small digital drawings is still going on until the end of the month. For more info on the series click here. If you have not read about them please click the previous link to find out the details and guidelines.

Click HERE to e-mail me and to get your free, unique, digital drawing.

Monday, December 20, 2010

FREE Unique Digital Drawings, AGAIN!

That's right, I am giving away another batch of small, unique, digital drawings. So from right NOW till the end of the month; December 31, 2010; anyone, anywhere on the planet (and maybe beyond?) who e-mails me I will send a drawing to them. Please include your postal address, so I can send a letter of authentication. For more info on this series please go here. If you have not read about them please click the previous link, to find out the details, and guidelines.

Click HERE to e-mail me and to get your free, unique, digital drawing.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Answering Machine (Questions and Answers) - part 2

Since I have launched the site, I have been getting a number of really great questions, here is part 2 of this on-going posting of answers:

I found some full color images and video of your Fine Art work on the internet? whats the deal?

Yes, I am trying to eliminate this sort of thing, but I also feel as long as its not on my website, its OK... but if you find something, write me. You can also find on the internet: full color video of trips I have taken, or personal life documentation, but I do not believe this to be my Fine Art work, so it is fair game.

The 1970's California Light and Space Art movement were against documentation of their Fine Artwork completely, your site seems to have dumbed down this ethic and concept a little, right?

Like I have stated on my my Info page, I was influenced by them, but I also have a deep interest in conceptual art, etc... I do not wish to reiterate any of these artists as well. I do believe all of Light and Space work has a conceptual component as well. I am willing to go forth with my ideals... while most of those artists gave into full documentation of their work, I believe this constraint (of using gray-scale, black and white) can be maintained, and is sustainable.

Do you consider this site part of your Fine Art?

No, but I do like how the work becomes a cohesive viewing. I like how the image of the Fine Artwork becomes an image play in 2 dimensions, but I ultimately prefer people experiencing my work in-person, real time, etc...

I am a bit confused, you say you are for having people see your work in a full human experience that is in real time; but you give away free digital drawings over the internet? You are against mass and digital medium as Fine Art, right?

Great question, Yes I am for personal, individual, and intimate human experience through Fine Art. It just so happens I use the internet as a mode of transporting the Fine Artwork to an individual. I love that I can send one of these drawings half way around the world in seconds, and to just one person. Getting the work out this way does come from a lineage (Future Concerns of Relative Space). Once they have this work, it is in their hands. I give instructions, but in the end, the oath must be maintained by them...I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. -Blanche Du Bois  

Did I not answer one of your questions? Please e-mail me.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all. Please note: I consider this Graphic Design, not Fine Art; hence the color.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bonus post: ABC No Rio - Clothesline Deluxe

I have donated 2 paper drawings to ABC No Rio's Clothesline Deluxe: Benefit Art Sale + Holiday Party. This coming Friday, December 3, 2010, the fun it starts at 8pm. It is a great cause and a great organization. Come support ABC No Rio!

I hope to see you there!

Click for Google Map:
ABC No Rio 156 Rivington Street New York, NY 10002

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Answering Machine (Questions and Answers) - part 1

Since I have launched the site, I have been getting a number of great questions here are some of the answers:

You keep mentioning, “Fine Art” is this the same as “Art” for you? Could you please define or explain?

Fine Art, to me, is something that requires me seeing the finer points or aspects of the work, it requires a sort of intimate engagement, not necessarily an  Alfred Barr, Michael Fried, or Clement Greenberg, Modernist approach. Fine Art, for me, is a human, real time experience... something that requires me to be experiencing, viewing, conceiving, perceiving: the work, there. There are voluminous amounts of artists who do this across space and time in our world, from cave painting made by a Fine Artist 20,000 years ago to painting made by a NYC Fine Artist this week. “Art” like Donald Judd says “If someones calls it that, its 'Art. Fine Art understands ideas, context, and meaning. Prospering Art understands even more;

Why use blogger/ I thought you were some cool designer guy?

I believe in the DIY aspect of using a free blog site software, I like that it could inspire someone to make their own site for whatever use they want. Also I have made several iterations of a Fine Art website for myself, which were never released to the public... they always seemed too design centric. I am interested in people being exposed to my Fine Artwork, not being into the interface design and style of my website. I am also interest in a journal/blog format that will be updated once a week, the free software was a good solution for this.

Your work and site are great, whats with these weird marketing strategies, etc?

I am interested in communicating and connecting through the internet with the world in various ways. I am interested in getting out my Fine Artwork in non-ordinary ways: in very individual, personal, and intimate ways (see Free digital drawings). I am also interested in going against certain trends in the fields of marketing (in the world of Fine Art and in the rest of the world in general). For too long marketing and advertising have stolen from Fine Art. (Like how most contemporary advertising and marketing still rips off Marcel Duchamp). I wish to take back some of these ideas, and return them to their proper home; please do not interpret this the wrong way though, I do not believe these marketing ideas or actions are my Fine Art work.

Do you make a hierarchy of media use?  TV is better than Movies, Painting is better than TV, etc...

No, I am not interested in making any sort of hierarchy with components, materials and/or media used. I am not a modernist, or a post-modernist for that matter (or both, depending on your viewpoint). I enjoy: performance art, feature films/movies, some TV, comic books, some video games, etc... I just have a different relation with how I experience and relate to Fine Art work in and out of an architectural setting, etc...

Part 2 coming soon.

Did I not answer one of your questions? Please e-mail me.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Works in progress - studio

Here are some images of some works in progress (light/laser and corner-rings) I am working out. The images were taken last week. Please let me know what you think.

Household paint**** on wood planks*

LED lights*, BPA-free plastic*, rechargeable batteries*, solar panels*, and wood structure with wood travel/storage cube.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Free: unique digital drawing!

Many people have asked me about my relationship with computers and digital media/arts. While I do have this site and I use computers almost everyday, to say I want to go live in some sort of ideological and technological isolation would be silly. I simply believe in our experience, and our understanding should have a full awareness.

I take the New York City Subway train for over an hour total everyday, during that time: I write, get inspired, think up ideas, talk to people, and most of the time make digital drawings. Due to my belief in my (and your) Fine Art work not being shown in a wide mass consumption context via the internet, I will never show these digital drawings on my site.

I am giving away 10 completely unique, small digital drawings on a first come, first serve basis. If you win, I will send you a letter of authenticity free of charge that includes a black and white image printed to a postal address, note: this is to anywhere in the world.

If you do win, I encourage you to display the drawing in your home, studio, etc; preferably on a digital picture frame. Please note that these drawings are only meant to be displayed digitally, and not meant to be ever printed (I will not sign a printed out digital drawing). These unique digital drawings are not to be broadcast, posted, or displayed on any website of any kind. These drawings are only meant to be shown on a single monitor at a single time. These drawings are sometimes the basis of major installations by me, as well as some installations are the basis for major drawings by me.

So how do I get in on all this action? Just email me here, and please include your name and postal address. As stated in an earlier post: I will not sell or give out any information sent to me.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Privacy Policy

I won't sell or give out any personally user information to a third party. This might not make much sense now, but this will in the very near future.

Also note this is not a change in release date for published posts. It will still be on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday of every week.

Questions about this? E-mail me.

Thank you very much for visiting my site/journal/blog.

Monday, November 8, 2010

No Assumption

It was an extreme honor and privilege to help set up and install art work last month in the meaningful group show, No Assumption. I showed the work: The Reddest Shift [(domestic scene) for LeWitt/Yasuda/Pagk/Farrell/etc: diagonal masters], 2010. The sub-parenthetical part refers to the specific install, into the foreclosed house. Minnesota Public Radio did a feature on it. Go to the No Assumption site for more stories, videos and images of preparation and documentation. Here is a detail image and a video of the work:

Extreme detail of “The Reddest Shift...”
Materials/components used and present in installation: laser*, recycled plastic bags, solar panels*, rechargeable batteries*,  travel case.

Video documentation of “The Reddest Shift...”
Please excuse the sound, the show was still being installed in the other rooms.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Welcome Bienvenue Willkommen Velkommen Добро пожаловать Bienvenido Croeso

Starting early November 2010 this blog (or as I like to call a journal) will be updated early each week, usually on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Check out my archived work through the above navigation buttons/links.

You may already have questions, scroll to the text below.

Wondering why the photographic images are in gray scale (black and white)? Please read the text below: