Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Answering Machine (Questions and Answers) - part 2

Since I have launched the site, I have been getting a number of really great questions, here is part 2 of this on-going posting of answers:

I found some full color images and video of your Fine Art work on the internet? whats the deal?

Yes, I am trying to eliminate this sort of thing, but I also feel as long as its not on my website, its OK... but if you find something, write me. You can also find on the internet: full color video of trips I have taken, or personal life documentation, but I do not believe this to be my Fine Art work, so it is fair game.

The 1970's California Light and Space Art movement were against documentation of their Fine Artwork completely, your site seems to have dumbed down this ethic and concept a little, right?

Like I have stated on my my Info page, I was influenced by them, but I also have a deep interest in conceptual art, etc... I do not wish to reiterate any of these artists as well. I do believe all of Light and Space work has a conceptual component as well. I am willing to go forth with my ideals... while most of those artists gave into full documentation of their work, I believe this constraint (of using gray-scale, black and white) can be maintained, and is sustainable.

Do you consider this site part of your Fine Art?

No, but I do like how the work becomes a cohesive viewing. I like how the image of the Fine Artwork becomes an image play in 2 dimensions, but I ultimately prefer people experiencing my work in-person, real time, etc...

I am a bit confused, you say you are for having people see your work in a full human experience that is in real time; but you give away free digital drawings over the internet? You are against mass and digital medium as Fine Art, right?

Great question, Yes I am for personal, individual, and intimate human experience through Fine Art. It just so happens I use the internet as a mode of transporting the Fine Artwork to an individual. I love that I can send one of these drawings half way around the world in seconds, and to just one person. Getting the work out this way does come from a lineage (Future Concerns of Relative Space). Once they have this work, it is in their hands. I give instructions, but in the end, the oath must be maintained by them...I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. -Blanche Du Bois  

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