Monday, November 29, 2010

The Answering Machine (Questions and Answers) - part 1

Since I have launched the site, I have been getting a number of great questions here are some of the answers:

You keep mentioning, “Fine Art” is this the same as “Art” for you? Could you please define or explain?

Fine Art, to me, is something that requires me seeing the finer points or aspects of the work, it requires a sort of intimate engagement, not necessarily an  Alfred Barr, Michael Fried, or Clement Greenberg, Modernist approach. Fine Art, for me, is a human, real time experience... something that requires me to be experiencing, viewing, conceiving, perceiving: the work, there. There are voluminous amounts of artists who do this across space and time in our world, from cave painting made by a Fine Artist 20,000 years ago to painting made by a NYC Fine Artist this week. “Art” like Donald Judd says “If someones calls it that, its 'Art. Fine Art understands ideas, context, and meaning. Prospering Art understands even more;

Why use blogger/ I thought you were some cool designer guy?

I believe in the DIY aspect of using a free blog site software, I like that it could inspire someone to make their own site for whatever use they want. Also I have made several iterations of a Fine Art website for myself, which were never released to the public... they always seemed too design centric. I am interested in people being exposed to my Fine Artwork, not being into the interface design and style of my website. I am also interest in a journal/blog format that will be updated once a week, the free software was a good solution for this.

Your work and site are great, whats with these weird marketing strategies, etc?

I am interested in communicating and connecting through the internet with the world in various ways. I am interested in getting out my Fine Artwork in non-ordinary ways: in very individual, personal, and intimate ways (see Free digital drawings). I am also interested in going against certain trends in the fields of marketing (in the world of Fine Art and in the rest of the world in general). For too long marketing and advertising have stolen from Fine Art. (Like how most contemporary advertising and marketing still rips off Marcel Duchamp). I wish to take back some of these ideas, and return them to their proper home; please do not interpret this the wrong way though, I do not believe these marketing ideas or actions are my Fine Art work.

Do you make a hierarchy of media use?  TV is better than Movies, Painting is better than TV, etc...

No, I am not interested in making any sort of hierarchy with components, materials and/or media used. I am not a modernist, or a post-modernist for that matter (or both, depending on your viewpoint). I enjoy: performance art, feature films/movies, some TV, comic books, some video games, etc... I just have a different relation with how I experience and relate to Fine Art work in and out of an architectural setting, etc...

Part 2 coming soon.

Did I not answer one of your questions? Please e-mail me.