Saturday, December 31, 2011

The 4 Month Suite - a collaboration

This past week I gave away a new series of printed canvases created from digital drawings, which was a collaborative work between my son and myself. This collaboration between Father and Son grew out of digital drawing  experiments done with, my son, Javier in the first few months of his life. Because of the nature of the collaboration, I suspended the "no print" aspect of my work.Work started in the beginning of November 2011, a few weeks before his 4th month of existence; which is also around the same time, by chance, of surrealist artist Roberto Matta’s birthday. As a numbers play, there were 4 drawings made.
The idea was to set up a system of creating drawings, and to use a specific method for Javier to create the work. The singular guideline was to use a Modernist palate and primary colors (Red, Blue, Yellow). Through the process, I learned  from Javier how the digital drawing software on the tablet could be manipulated. For example, If you pressed on two areas of the tablet almost simultaneously you could create lines without moving your finger across the area. To me this was a fascinating discovery in a conceptual sense, and within the larger scope of my work.

Javier would switch out of digital brushes and I would allow this chance happening. He would change the size of brushes, and I would let this go. The main element was that the colors and the size of the given area would be fixed. I hope to do many further collaborations with Javier. I can imagine him teaching me much more about Art and its production.

For more information or documentation please email here.