Sunday, January 23, 2011

Q and A about digital drawings

After all of the free give-a-ways of digital drawings, and especially after last week's give-a-way; many questions have been coming in. Some have been very philosophical, and some have been very pragmatic questions. Here are some of the answers to the questions.

What digital picture frames do you recommend? What sizes?

For the large images (1024x768) which I only started releasing last week, I recommend this15 inch digital picture frame

For the smaller images (600x400) which is the size I have been giving out more of. I recommend this 7 inch digital picture frame.

I prefer  a frame that is all black (no white border or mat). There are some that have very little frame edge or frame boundary, which are preferable to me as well. There are more expensive ones and cheaper ones out there. Of course the final decision of how to display is up to you.

What is the meaning behind the drawing? What is the inspiration for the image, etc?

My aim with my work is the same as described on my info page. The image created goes with the same meaning, energy, abstraction, etc... of the way the digital drawing exists in our world. As far as the conditions of how the drawing functions, I am further exploring the old mystic belief, "To make the mundane sacred." Here I created a digital image that can exist everywhere and nowhere, and give it a specific location and condition in which it interacts uniquely with the viewer. I am also every interested in the light that the image projects out into a room (especially in a dark, or low-lit room).

Why don't you just release these images and let them all be free and visible everywhere on the internet?

Like I said in my previous answer above, I am not really interested in this sort of visual propaganda model for my Fine Art, though many are interested making their art with these conditions and context (or no conditions or context). I wish to make intimate, unique experiences; not branded, assembly line type of Fine Art.

I really love the drawing! Where can I see more, or purchase them?

I am currently figuring out a system that would allow people to see the images over the internet with security, etc... Currently the only way is to meet up and show them in person. The site will be updated when the changes happen.

Am I allowed to copy the digital file for archival purposes?

Of course, this is your choice, but please remember not to display the image in more than on place at once. There are some fun things you can do within these conditions and parameters, but I will explain that later...

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