Sunday, March 20, 2011

Studio - rhythm, environment, and music

I have received a few questions about my studio set up, and what I think it actually entails. In upcoming posts I'll share more on how my studio functions.

I will start with what is a part of the milieu  (the environment). Music is more or less a constant in my studio. I love all music in all of its forms, from around the world; but do tend to gravitate towards certain styles and types in my studio. Below is a small sampling of music tracks played in the studio.

Please note all of the files are directly linked to the musicians and/or their distribution companies. Most tracks are able to download free of charge as well.

Flying Lotus - Computer Face/Pure Being

Tom Middleton - Return To Atlantis

Manic Street Preachers - I'm Leaving You For Solitude

Steve Reich - "Music for 18 Musicians" - opening thru section II

Publicist - Momma