Sunday, January 15, 2012

Your presence/present: FREE unique, small and large digital drawing give-a-way

This upcoming Wednesday, January 18th is my birthday. Like last year (and I believe years to come) I wish to give, and not receive anything on my day of birth. All who contact me electronically (e-mail, etc...) on that day and that day only, will either get a unique small digital drawing, or if you already have a small drawing you get to upgrade: I will send you a new unique large digital drawing. That's right, all who have received a small drawing will be given a new unique large drawing if you contact me on that day. If you have received drawings in the past feel free to ask for another (no limits). All I need from you is a physical mailing address to send the physical, paper officiating letter (letter of authenticity). As always, I will never sell, give, lend that information to any entity, person, etc...

Same rules apply as before with these digital drawings.

Email me here on Wednesday, January 18th 2012 and please include your name and postal address.

Again, your presence is the greatest present I could ever receive.