Saturday, February 25, 2012

Qualities of -ion

I have received questions about the focus of my practice. In my response to this I list a collection of words that end with -ion in a quasi-hierarchical order. The order relates to my importance of the meaning of the word (in relation to my Fine Artwork).

Perception, extension, creation, conception, installation, observation, question, construction, transition, addition, foundation, envision, teleportation, volition, emancipation, stimulation, fusion, fraction, enunciation, production, division, location, fragmentation, connection, relation, duration, occasion, illumination, articulation, reflection, perambulation, affusion, position, suggestion, simulation, motion, equation, remotion, junction, coaction, laxation, interruption, dotation, interpellation, lenition, destruction, option, ignition, erasion, documentation, excavation, negotiation, formulation, volution, inaction, omission, portion, petition, provocation, vision, solution, persuasion, negation, abstraction, revision, donation, zonation, mutation, elevation, mention, ovation, amotion, caution, mention, traduction, consumption, fruition, function, gumption.