Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Context of Everywhere and A New Change in Website Policy

Many people have brought up my policy of posting pictures in black and white (gray-scale) and I have been encouraged by some friends to post in color as they have seen color documentations of my work and have been impressed. It is something that I have continued to wrestle with -- some arguments of posting very precise or "true" color documentation are compelling, given the state of what the Fine Art world wants right now, which is to spread ideas about your Fine Art (or work you have a vested interest in) as fast as possible. I believe the only way Fine Art is to sustain itself is to make a pure distinction between documentation and actual work. Our ever growing spectacular society is trying merge pure experience and pure ideas.

I frequently write proposals for group art shows and respond to group show invites. I send color images as documentation through email. I have always been OK since this is not posting on this site. I have decided that I don't want to have a hierarchy between those who get to view color documentation of my work and those who don't.

From now on I am opening up the possibilities of showing color documentation to all. If you want to see a particular image in color, write to me via email and I will send you what I can. Please be specific about the images you want to see. Any bulk requests for color images, will be discussed. If the image you request to see in color is a show that is currently taking place, I will send it once the show is over.

There will be no change in my digital drawings policy. Digital drawings are unique in every sense, to open that up is to deny their context: everywhere and nowhere. To me they are the most "studio centric" Fine Artwork I could ever make.

The key to all is intimacy. To me the best of what Fine Art has to offer.