Friday, December 7, 2012

Favorite icon/image, colors, logo?, etc...

I have received a number of questions about my favicon image which I also use for my twitter feed, google+ page, etc.

First I do not consider this as my art or anything Fine Art related. Though I am not sure if I consider it to be under the graphic design umbrella either (though I guess it confirms more to those tropes).

Another question I have received was if I ever use this as a print logo, or use it as such. The answer is no, and it is not intended for print, ever.

To answer the question of how this doesn't work as graphic design is that it does not really transcend it's space. The colors in this image shift depending on the context color use around it, as well as its size. There is a certain amount of uncertainty, which is key.

There is some relation to modernist thought and image (see Albers, Noland), but the dimensions of the squares are not precise/formula. In the end the 'graphic' is simply meant to expand and extend the context of the given format (a focus from an abundance of pixels).