Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Return/Pledge/Turn/Prestige/Enter: Completed 2009 - 2013

Below is documentation for the 2 completed works, Chen Lee Water Suspension - Prestige and Cut and Restore Rope - Enter, from the series of work, The Return/Pledge/Turn/Prestige/Enter, or for short "The Return/ ... /Enter" which was begun in 2009. Like I said many times before it stemmed out of the Parallel Panels body of work. For each of the 5 installations in the series, the requirements are: that all are squares (4 sides equal), there are 4 panels in each installation, there are 4 repeated elements inside each panel, all create a system which shifts, morphs, all are painted with oil paints or have them incorporated in some way, are on on different base medium (canvas, wood, linen, etc...), all transform in various ways in order to correspond to a panel or panels within each in the group, as well as other requirements. Each installation corresponds to each of the other installations and changes graphically and texturally, thus painterly throughout the entire series.

The title of the series is an analogy to the basic elements of all fine art experiences and it is an extension of the 3 basic segments of all magic performances: Pledge, Turn, and Prestige.

I created 2 of the installations in 2009, Substitution Trunk - ReturnLinking Rings - Pledge; I created Cups and Balls - Turn, this year, 2011; and I completed the series this year, 2013, with the final 2 installations: Chen Lee Water Suspension - Prestige and Cut and Restore Rope - Enter.

See earlier posts on the series for more information and documentation.

More documentation of the entire series installed coming soon. If you are interested in seeing it or showing it please contact.