Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New/old installation: Concerns of Relative Future Space 2001/2015

Way back in 1999 I had many (Art) experiences and I also had an idea, that idea forever changed my production of Fine Art and my relation to it. The work, Future Concerns of Relative Space 1999/2001 (for more info see older work) was a dramatic change in comparison to the work I had done before that.

I had many ideas to expand this work and to use the medium of mono-filament solely in my production. This idea became some what strange as my relation to "Future concerns..." changed. Though I made some small sketches, but nothing every seemed to hold my attention.

I decided to revisit the use of mono-filament and decided to make another drawing for a proposed installation, Concerns of Relative Future Space. I might make more, I have not decided yet. I plan to install this work sometime soon in my studio, though I may have to build some new walls to accomplish this.

Since this is a sort of gray area work: being new/old I decided to display it in color.