Sunday, August 21, 2011

Artist of the Month: A pixel and welcoming for Javier Knight

Last month my son, Javier Berezin Knight entered this world. I hope he will become an Artist (the humanistic, John Miller meaning of the term, Artist). This month, Javier is Artist of the month (Please note, I did not say Fine Artist, I am making an exception [a possible contradiction] this month). He has already taught me so much about this world, and has thoroughly changed my perspective on many things, including my own Fine Art production and process. Thank you very much to all of those who have already sent their very kind words, blessings, etc... to myself,  my wife, and to Javier.

Above the first paragraph is a tiny, singular pixel, graphic image (.gif). The pixel is an essential basic building block of all things on a screen, such as the one you are viewing this post/entry on. The pixel when in abundance with other pixels, can expand infinitely. Here this pixel represents the beautiful potential and infinite possibilities I wish for Javier's life. It is also just a pixel. If you would like a .pdf version of this singular pixel, please email me here.

Please note: I consider this my Graphic Design work, not Fine Art; hence the color.