Sunday, September 4, 2011

Березин революция [Berezin Revolution]...

From 2006-2008 my studio and work was somewhat dormant. I thought about Fine Art a great deal, I drew many drawings, but worked on and completed very few major installations. One such work from the parallel panels series, Березин революция [Berezin Revolution] (Made out with the red giant too) 2006-2009, the title of the work was inspired by the owners of the work and a mathematician/physicist of the same name, but not particularly this revolution.

When discussing the work, one of the owner's mentioned how the the parallel panels body of work relates to an Eruv, a ritual enclosure that allows observant people to carry objects on the Jewish Sabbath. I find that the concept of the Eruv also relates to my older work, Future Concerns of Relative Space 1999-2001, which is also much about the space and context that surrounds the work as well as what happens with the object itself (and what goes on inside the work).

Here is video documentation of the installation: