Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Answering Machine (Questions and Answers) - part 4

People ask me questions through a variety of different ways, I answer. Here is the latest installment of "The Answering Machine (Questions and Answers)"

I really dig your design work. Is there a place I can see more?

I am working on creating a design based website/blog (not just graphic design related work). Though the process is slow it will eventually be completed, and I'd rather be working than documenting older work. In 2008, I created a presentation and analysis on the One Laptop Per Child project, this was during graduate school, this example of a change in systemic/holistic perspective was instrumental in future thinking and critical thought (for both Design and Fine Art) to come. This and other types of design related documents are just some of the work that will be shown on this site/blog.

Are there any works you don't show in documentation on your site? 

I am working on many projects that are not being shown and or talked about on this site (or anywhere else for that matter). All will be revealed in time.

Why not use WordPress or some other open source or non-profit web tools for your Fine Art blog/website? 

Great question, In keeping with my ideals of taking something  meant for one function and changing it into something different or opposite (see older work: Snake Oil Artwerks series), I am interested in taking an image based promotional web tool and turning it into a non-image based promotional tool. I am for alteration of meaning from within... not from the outside.

Your digital drawings are awesome! Why don't you give away your drawings without the officiating letter, or make the officiating letter digital? I think a lot more people would be into them without the whole "asking for your personal address." 

Thank you again! The point of the officiating letters is to have a bond/trust between me and the individual owner. I like that the drawings are sent almost instantaneously, but the officiating letters can take days (in some case when sending around the world, it can even take weeks). Like I have said before, I really rely on the kindness of strangers for the project to build/grow.