Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fine Artist of the month: Rebirth of Fine Artistic, poem of/for Brian Higbee

Last month I started an on-going series of writings about Fine Artists working in NYC.

This month I write a poem for Brian Higbee, a Fine Artist originally from Pennsylvania who has made his home in Brooklyn, New York for more years than I have. 

Rebirth of Fine Artistic, poem of/for Brian Higbee

artwork shall only have time
artwork shall only have place

you have scale
you have size

artist will have means and meaning
artist will have cover and coverings

you understand context
you understand mind

gallery has opening
gallery has closed

you create politics
you change galactic

mundane is object
painting is mundane

you are here
you are there

historic has depth
polemic had surface

"hear you are" here
hear "you are there"

museum had archive
museum had thrive

you build skyscrapers
bridges transform you

spring has fall
fall had spring

artistic shall have all
systemic shall have none

you are obscured
you are sacred

For more on Brian Higbee go to his website.

Here is some documentation from Brian Higbee's most recent installation, "What Is And What Should Never Be"