Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Answering Machine (Questions and Answers) - part 3

I keeping getting a number of really great questions. For some past questions and answers go here. I have some questions that will be answered when I have a double interview with my friend, and NYC Fine Artist, Brian Higbee. Below is part 3 of this on-going posting of answers:

The digital drawings go against your tactile or physical approach to Fine Artwork, right?

Yes and no, I love that when I send a digital drawing to someone that when they have the file open on the digital tablet, monitor, digital frame,etc... of their choice and it will create a source of heat, they can touch the screen and it will give them a heat sensation on their skin. This is something that you could get from any monitor, but I love the fact that it is the same or similar feeling I get from my digital tablet when I am creating the drawing.

I have seen your post about toxicity in Fine Artists Studios' and you mentioned sustainability. Sustainable ideas seems to be a major concern with your lasers and light work as well? Doesn't creating any physical Fine Artwork of any kind go against your Carbon Neutral ideals? Aren't you a conceptual artist, couldn't you just make your work more conceptual based?

Yes and no, I think in the future being carbon neutral with your work will be much easier. I don't believe in making false attempts at carbon neutrality nor to ideologically/physically isolate myself in order to have a false sustainable living situation. At this time I am focusing on making (a majority of my) work that scales and expands into an architectural space. I am interested in creating systems that are self reliant and do not need outside sources of power to maintain their energy. My definition of sustainable (which is very close to the universally accepted one) includes human sustainability, and prosperity. 

I am not a Conceptual Artist, I believe some of my work does need to be physically produced, and I believe in a layered Fine Art experience (which includes pure experience, pure concepts, among other things). Like I have said before, I think and create from a lineage of Conceptual Art and Systems Art (particularly open-systems and the early work of Hans Haacke)

Do you see your digital drawings as a lineage from 1960's Mail Art or Correspondence Art?

Yes, very much so. I really enjoy that history and work, especially the Mail - Correspondence Art ,of Ray Johnson and other Mail Fine Artists. Though I am not interested in a "tit-for-tat", exact exchange between Fine Artists (though they are who are mostly who ask me for the drawings). I am very much interested in just giving away the drawings, and making very specific rules about how they are presented. I enjoy that it works in many different art tropes: digital and conceptual art (the actual work) mail art (getting the certificate) and it works as internet art (getting the digital drawing). To me it shows what the 21st Century (Fine Art) may bring.