Friday, October 5, 2012

The Razor: I will never do a music video ever again

Back in the Spring of 2005, my friend Craig Bonich was in the band Head Automatica. I believe that  Daryl from HA came up with the idea to make an updated version of Godard's Sympathy for the Devil.

So I was recruited to be the "Modernist Painter" in the music video of their track The Razor.

I came up with a layout for the painting installation and the director, Doug Finch approved. I bought some plexiglass to paint on. The idea was to have a sort of Pollok 51 (the film by Hans Namuth) vibe, tight intimate video of painting.

At the end of the 14 or so hour video shoot everyone was pretty loopy. Needless to say production fell apart: with everyone doing impressions of rock stars, maniacal laughter, etc...

The end result is a commercial music video that has little to no resemblance of Sympathy for the Devil. I was pretty happy with my part and the painting installation. I am sorry more didn't get to experience it. Some of the painted foamcore was saved, mounted onto wood, and is now in storage.

Below are some color images from the video shoot. Though this work is past the 2002 date, I still feel it is in the category as older work. There are a few links at the bottom of various versions of the video.

Running around "prepping the walls" before shooting.

Close up of the end results

The end result with parallel foamcore squares taken away.

Larry (with Craig and Jarvis) with foamcore squares on the ground

The band and I (I'm in the way back) again with foamcore squares on the left

Here is the final version (?) or directors cut: first link on the left side of the main page

Youtube video: 1

Youtube video: 2